Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Preserve the beauty and health of your commercial landscapes with our year-round professional landscape maintenance services from San Antonio to Austin.

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Commercial Landscape Maintenance
Well-maintained landscapes not only boost client and employee morale but also contribute to property value, ensuring your outdoor spaces reflect positively on your business image.

The Importance of Ongoing Landscape Maintenance

Ongoing landscape maintenance is essential for sustaining the health and appeal of your commercial property. Regular upkeep prevents overgrowth, weeds, and pest issues, enhancing safety and visual appeal.


Regular Mowing & Trimming

At Prime Landscaping, we understand that regular mowing and trimming are more than just routine upkeep; they are vital to maintaining the lushness and health of your commercial turf. Our team uses the best equipment and techniques to ensure your grass is cut to the perfect height, promoting healthy growth and preventing weed proliferation. Regular edging of sidewalks and curbs is also included to maintain a crisp, professional appearance. Let us handle the details so your landscape always leaves a lasting impression.

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Seasonal Cleanups & Updates

The change in season shouldn't mean a decline in your property's curb appeal. Our seasonal cleanup services are designed to prepare your landscape for the upcoming weather changes. 

In the fall, we remove leaves and debris, which can suffocate your turf if left unattended. Come spring, we focus on revitalizing your flower beds and ornamental plants, applying mulch, and pruning any overwintered plants to encourage vigorous new growth. These updates not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also the health of your plants and soil.

Integrated Pest Management & Herbicide Treatment

Protecting your landscape from pests and weeds requires expertise and ongoing attention. Our integrated pest management (IPM) strategies minimize the use of chemicals while effectively controlling pest populations. 

We also provide targeted herbicide treatments to manage invasive weeds that can detract from the beauty and health of your commercial space. Each treatment plan is customized to the specific needs of your landscape, ensuring maximum effectiveness while supporting sustainability.


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Is your commercial property ready for a landscape maintenance plan that not only preserves but enhances its value and appeal? Contact Prime Landscaping today to schedule a consultation. Our experts are ready to develop a maintenance strategy tailored specifically to your needs, helping you maintain a pristine and welcoming environment year-round.

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