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Prime Landscaping stands as the premier provider of commercial landscaping services and hydromulching in San Antonio and Austin, dedicated to delivering unmatched customer care.

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We specialize in transforming commercial spaces into stunning, sustainable environments that reflect your business's commitment to excellence. Contact us today to discover how we set the standard in commercial landscaping excellence.

Who We Are

Welcome to Prime Landscaping, your premier commercial landscaping specialist along the I-35 Corridor, encompassing San Antonio, Austin, and surrounding areas. We are dedicated to creating stunning, sustainable landscapes and providing exceptional customer service, setting us apart as leaders in the industry. Our team collaborates closely with skilled designers, engineers, and architects to meet the diverse needs of our clients, including HOA management companies, developers, property managers, and commercial enterprises. Our focus is on enhancing outdoor spaces with innovative and eco-friendly solutions, as we strive to transform commercial landscapes in these vibrant cities.

Who We Serve

Prime Landscaping is the leading choice for developers, construction companies, and various entities undertaking large-scale projects along the I-35 Corridor. We cater to a wide range of clients, including HOA management groups such as Alamo Management Group and Spectrum, and those overseeing multiple properties. Our extensive range of landscaping solutions are designed to address the intricate requirements of property management companies and HOAs, guaranteeing exceptional quality and satisfaction in every endeavor.

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Prime Landscaping

Our Approach

Our approach at Prime Landscaping centers around innovative and sustainable methods to ensure each project not only meets but exceeds environmental and aesthetic standards. We pride ourselves on working closely with a team of highly skilled designers, engineers, and architects, fostering a collaborative environment that allows for the creation of one of a kind landscaping solutions. This teamwork enables us to tackle challenges creatively and efficiently, ensuring that every landscape we develop is both beautiful and sustainable. Through this dedicated approach, we aim to set new benchmarks in commercial landscaping, making every project a testament to our commitment to excellence and sustainability.

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Cities We Serve

Prime Landscaping is proud to provide top-tier commercial landscaping services and hydromulching across the I-35 corridor, serving areas such as San Antonio, Austin, New Braunfels, San Marcos, Selma, Kyle, and Schertz. We are dedicated to enhancing both the aesthetic and practical aspects of your commercial spaces through our expertise and commitment.

Why You Should Choose Prime Landscaping

Choosing Prime Landscaping means partnering with experts known for tailored service plans, large-scale project management, and outstanding customer service, underscored by positive testimonials from our satisfied clientele. Reach out today for landscaping services that transform your space, and become part of our network of satisfied business clients.

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